Mittwoch, 2. November 2011


I got a copy of the famous "A Photographic Record of the Russo-Japanese War", published by P.F. Collier & Son, New York in 1905.

This massiv tome (over 250 pages and nearly A3-Size) is one of the best sources, if not THE best source, of actual photos of the war. (I've included a Tsuba Miniatures NCO for size reference.)

I've meant to get one for a decent price for over a year now and finally Lady Luck was smiling over me! If you are interested in the RJW you should definitely get one yourself. Quite some of the photos of other, more recent, publications (like the two Ospreys volumes for example) can be found here and a lot more. In fact, it has already given me the ideas for at least one more set of miniatures, which I haven't had already on my long to-do-list, just by flipping through it.

As it has been published over a hundred years ago, I think it's OK for me to post photos from it to clarify a couple of queries which have come up. Most prominent, if the Japanese Medics wore the Red Cross armband or not. (I'll try to get these photos up here by tomorrow.)

I'm also working on a couple of scale photos of my miniatures with those of a other manufactures but I'm still waiting for one delivery.

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