Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Back again! 2nd Update: 6 new RJW sets

Six new sets of miniatures for the Russo-Japanese War are available filling three major gaps in the range (Japanese artillery, Russian HMG and Russian High Command) and one set, which might be of interest for diorama builders (Russian Military Band.
PLEASE NOTE: The Japanese artillery crews are sold separately from the gun!

All the miniatures were scuplted by Paul Hicks with the exception of the masters of the Russian HMG and the Japanese mountain gun, which were built be eBob. 

For an update on the Russian cavalry, please scroll to the end of this post.

But first the new sets (please excuse the not-so-great photos):

RJ-R12 Russian High Command (4) - € 7.50
consisting of two General Officers, one Cossack Officer acting as an ADC and an Orthodox Priest
(this set is also suitable for the Great War / World War 1)

 RJ-R11 Russian HMG (4 + HMG) - € 9.50

RJ-R13 Russian military band (8) - € 15.-

RJ-J20 Japanese artillery crew moving (4) - € 7.50
AG-J01 Japanese Type 31 75 mm mountain gun (1) - € 7.-

RJ-J21 Japanese artillery crew firing (4) - € 7.50
AG-J01 Japanese Type 31 75 mm mountain gun (1) - € 7.-

AG-J01 Japanese Type 31 75 mm mountain gun (1) - € 7.-
each gun comes with two different sets of wheels (one to be used with the firing crew and one with the moving crew) and two ammo crates

The Russian line cavalry is next on the to-do-list for the Russo-Japanese War. The first two steps have already been made: 

Horses incl. saddles, reins and equipment sculpted by eBob (the Japanese riders are serving as doubles on the photo).

Dollies for mounted and dismounted variants of the cavalry soldiers scuplted by Paul Hicks.