Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Another Charity

After the very successful Judge Minty Charity the Frothers Unite! UK Forum is running the next one, this time with added tanks. ;-)

We thought long and hard about the subject for this years’ Charity Thingy (no we didn’t) – trying to find a character that accurately sums up what Frothers is all about; loud, anarchic, foul-mouthed, probably a bit smelly and having an unhealthy interest in animals, guns and armoured vehicles. It could only be the one, and only…


 Last time we raised £9,000 for the 2 charities – this time we want to raise a lot more.

To aid this…

Kev will be sculpting Tankie
Steve will be sculpting Booga
Jo will be sculpting Camp Koala
Ian (assisted by Nige & the other Ian) will be sculpting the Tank. Yes, you heard that right, the Tank!

Tank Girl, Booga & Camp Koala will be cast in white metal and limited to 200 casting initially and each Tank Girl miniature will be accompanied by an exclusive Rufus Dayglo postcard.

The Tank will be cast in resin and will be available in much more limited numbers.

Again, the donation will be aiding the MS Society and Cancer Research. For more information and how to get on board, please visit one of the these links:

I'm sorry for lack of posts recently, 'real' life has taken is toll (especially that dastardly university). There has been some progress made, though: all eight variants of the Japanese cavalry horse have been sculpted and cast and Simon has received a set of master castings for painting, once he finds the time.
Paul Hicks also had some 'real life interferings' as his wife gave birth to their first child some weeks ago. So besides sculpting, I guess he's currently also on baby duty. I hope to get the next batch of dollies and sculpts next month (mounted and dismounted dollies for the Japanese cavalry, two sets for the RJW and also something for the Freikorps era).

Last but not least, we have been working together with Stephen May on one or two projects and, if everything goes to plan, we'll be able to show some sneak peaks soon. (Please note, these projects are not related to the RJW or the Freikorps range.)