Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

First sign of life

Hello and welcome everybody!

This is the first post on my first blog, so don't be suprised, if something isn't working/looking as you might be used to it from blog pros. ;-) 
(Also, English is not my native tongue, so please excuse any mistakes due to this and please let me know, if anything is unclear!)

My name is Markus and I'm from Germany. This blog is dedicated to my favourite hobby: collecting, painting and even playing with little lead soldiers. 
I'm 'in the hobby' for almost twenty years now and I felt it was time for something new. Instead of just collecting (i.e. buying) miniatures, I thought why not make my own?

The subject was found pretty fast as I've been interested in the Russo-Japanese War for quite some time now. I also decided right up front, that I wanted to go for a 'campaign look' of 'my' miniatures. 'Real' soldiers, gritty looking in their field uniforms not those clean and polished parade ground ones. 

Next I got in contact with Paul Hicks, who is the sculptor of some of my all time favourite lines of miniatures out there (Anglian/Empress Miniatures Spanish Civil War, Musketeer Miniatures Irish War of Independence/Very British Civil War, Brigade Games Atomic Café '57, to name just a few and not to forget his very own line he produces under the name of Mutton Chop Miniatures), and he agreed to do the sculpting on my little guys.

The fine chaps at Griffin Moulds are responsible for moulding and casting, and they've done a great job, and the shown examples haven been painted be the very talented Simon Bradley of Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting.

So, here we are now, with the first three sets of Japanese soldiers wearing the M1904 khaki uniform and charging a Russion position:

Overview (RJ-J01 - RJ-J03)
 RJ-J01 Japanese Command, charging (medical orderly, officer, NCO and casualty)

 RJ-J02 Japanese Troopers, charging with bedrolls
 RJ-J03 Japanese Troopers, charging without bedrolls

If you'd like to get some, just get in touch with me via:

The prices are 7.50 Euros for each pack of four (4) miniatures or 35.- Euros for a bundle set of one command pack (RJ-J01) and four trooper packs (RJ-J02, RJ-J03) of your choice, for a total of twenty (20) miniatures. (I will charge postage at cost.) (Please note that all miniatures are supplied UNPAINTED.)

Future plans include a HMG team (three soldiers + gun), four advancing/skirmishing troopers, four firing/loading troopers and a suitable command set to complete the Japanese infantry in M1904 uniform.