Freitag, 18. November 2011

Comparison Shots, Part I

Finally, I had a delivery from Redoubt Enterprises in the post box today.

So here are some comparison shots of Tsuba Miniatures Japanese with their Redoubt Enterprises' counterparts and another one with miniatures from Copplestone Castings, Musketeer Miniatures and Hinterland Miniatures. (Please note the slightly different base heights.)
(Unfortunately, I don't have any Musketeer Miniatures WW1 Russian but I hope to get some in near future and include them in another comparison shot.)

Please note, that the Japanese are meant to be slightliy smaller than their Russian opponents (at least those of Caucasian origin). This will be depicted by our miniatures.

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  1. Very interesting post ! Thanks !
    The tsuba miniatures look very fine and detailed. They are also mixing quite well with musketeer's ones, which is great in my point of view.