Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

New 'old' range (former) Obelisk Miniatures Chinatown

We are sorry for the silence lately! But we are back with good news.

While Paul Hicks is busy working on the next greens for the Russo-Japanese War, we are happy and proud to announce, that we have aquired the rights to the former Obelisk Miniatures' range of Chinatown Tangrenbu Miniatures, sculpted by Josef Ochmann.

While they have been based on turn of the century San Francisco, the miniatures can be used for a lot of settings (historical, pulp, mythos, etc.) nearly all over the world in the late 19th/early 20th century or even beyond. 

We decided to keep the original make-up of the sets, so anybody who already owns a set or two can add to them without having to cope with doubles or missing miniatures. We also kept the tabs with the Obelisk Miniatures writing instead of the solid bases we use for our other ranges. Somehow it would have felt like cheating and taking away Josef's credits, if we would have removed the tabs.




Please note, the photos are of the original greens, while a set of castings is on the way to the painter. All three sets are now available.

Each set containes five miniatures resp. five miniature equivalents and is priced 8.50 Euros per set. The sets do NOT include bases.