Freitag, 17. April 2015

Japanese HMG team greens

Togehter with the greens of the various Japanese cavalry set, Paul Hicks sculpted this fabulous HMG team for the Japanese infantry. (If you pardon the shameless plug.) Not shown on the photos but, of course, part of the set are the two front legs of the HMG mount.

The master of the HMG has been sculpted by Ian 'Crouchie' Crouch and the ammo crate by eBob (the same as the one used on the ammo bearer's mule).


The production moulds for this set and the cavalry sets  shown earlier have been finished last week and first production will be cast soon. Empress Miniatures should receive a delivery of castings in time for Salute. *fingers crossed*

Here are also some contemporary photos of the real thing:


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