Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Russo-Japanese War feature in Wargames Illustrated #322

Wargames Illustrated published an interesting feature on the Russo-Japanese War in their issue #322.
The article by Col. Wilbur E. Gray, US Army (Retired), is worth a read by anybody interested in the war and looking to recreate it on the tabletop.

Besides some contemporary photos, the article is accompanied by several photos of Tsuba Miniatures' range. Somehow I couldn't find the credits for these photos in the printed issue (maybe I just overlooked them), so here they are:

Houses scratch-built and painted by Ben Steegmüller
Photos, set-up and rest of the terrain (crates, barricades and the table itself) by Jan Groß
Miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks
Miniatures painted by Simon Bradley

Here are some of the photos for those of you, who haven't had a chance to get a copy of Wargames Illustrated, yet:

Unfortunately, the latest two sets (Japanese ammo bearers and Humanity triumphant) didn't make it in time for the photo shoot.

New miniatures delayed

 The new miniatures (the Japanese cavalry), scheduled for getting sculpted back in August 2014 have been notably delayed. Paul Hicks had an accident in July and while not being dramatic as such, it affected his sculpting hand badly. His sculpting output should be back to his regular volume soon but I don't have a date for the Japanese cavalry green, yet.

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  1. Photo's look great. Really nice to see the models against some terrain rather than just my stock blue background.

  2. I read the article with great interest, and I´m now thinking about the beginning of a new project! Great figures.

  3. A very cool - good to see RJW stuff. I see the issue will also have an article on Crescent and the Cross.

  4. I remember reading this and thinking it is the best painted article I can remember seeing in WI outside of a painting competition's coverage. Lovely stuff.

  5. Ah ha! Just put together it was painted by stonecoldlead.

  6. As expected the photos turned out great – a shame if they were lacking credits. Glad you get some advertisement nevertheless, well deserved!


  7. I am going to have to pick that one up.

  8. Nice to see the RJW in print, guess we will just have to be patient for the cavalry....
    Still it will give me a chance to clear the backlog.

  9. What a shame. I hope The cab will come out soon.