Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Japanese ammo bearers and 'Humanity triumphant'

Fresh from the painter's table, this time Simon Bradley of StoneColdLead Painting, these are now also available:

RJ-J09 Japanese ammo bearers (3 miniatures + pack mule)

The two ammo bearers' carry the blue insignias of the transport/logistic branch of the army, while the soldier receiving the ammo pack is a regular infantryman.
This is a little bit of artistic licence as I couldn't find out, if these ammo bearers were actual members of the transport branch or maybe just members of the infantry regiments. Be that as it may, the blue makes a nice change from the regular red. ;-)

The second set is presumably of little use for actual gaming (well, maybe as distortion markers or something like that) but it would make nice dioramas, etc.

RJ-M01 Humanity triumphant (2 miniatures + 1 double figure)

Some more shots:

As it doesn't really fit into the Russian or Japanese category only, I put it into its own (Russo-Japanese Misc.). I hope to add more like this into this category to liven the gaming tables up. The next release on the list is the Japanese cavalry, though. ;-)

9 Kommentare:

  1. Very nice figures! I especially like the 'humanity triumphant' vignettes. Despite not beeing into RJW I might get me a pack.

  2. Very nice these areand I am looking forward to the Japanese cavalry

  3. Superb figures/vignettes. This range (as well as the Russians) is by and far the best around.

  4. Love both of these, and I'm looking forward to the cavalry. Hopefully Russian cavalry is also in the cards!


  5. Oh those are nice! I can see an order in the near future!

  6. Very nice, I picked up the packs from Salute, they just jumped to the top of the painting queue.

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  8. Wow, those are perfect paint jobs. They don't get better.