Sonntag, 14. April 2013

More painted Russians

Simon has worked his magic again. ;-) Here are the painted versions of latest three Russian sets:

RJ-R05 Russian Standard-bearers, Bugler and Drummer (4)
(incl. two standard tops with poles)

Painted as members of the 34th Infantry Regiment "Sevskiy" (the advancing miniatures) and and the  36th Infantery Regiment "Orlovskiy" (the standing ones), to fit in with the officers and NCOs and the respective troopers. (The ensigns are obviously missing their standards, these will be added later.)

 RJ-R06 Russian Troopers firing II (4)

Painted as members of the 33rd Regiment "Eletskiy", which means that now every regiment of the 9th infantry division is depicted in form of one of the painted trooper sets.  

 RJ-R07 Russian Casualties and Mecidal Orderly (4)

Painted in the vary same way as the ensigns and musicians.

8 Kommentare:

  1. Already saw them in Simons Blog, though there again:
    Great paintjob in even Bettler miniatures. RJW would be very tempting with your miniatures. I need another project like a hole in the head though. Maybe At some point in the future.

  2. Perfect timing as always....
    I finished my casualties today.
    Great castings and a great range.

  3. Excellent looking Russians. I fear they'd make my Old Glory Japanese (painted up for RJW in blue) look too funky. Best, Dean

  4. Really excellent figures, and super painting. I'm very much looking forward to getting some for the Great War Eastern Front and the Russian Civil War (I think they'd stretch that far).

  5. Wonderful figures there and wonderful paintjobs to

  6. Super Figures and excellent painting job.

    Does Simon accept painting commission ??


  7. Yes, he does (don't know about his current schedule, though).

    Just have a look at his own site: