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Regimental numbers of the Japanese (line) infantry

First of all, a belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you had a nice and stress-free time.

As promised, here's a compilation of the regimental numbers of the Japanese (line) infantry. I'm sorry, it took so long! 
The Japanese pattern consisted of (from left to right) two kanjis for term 'regiment', one to three kanjis for the actual regimental number and another three kanjis for 'infantry'.
I've included the numbers for up to the 64th regiment as the 65th was founded in 1906 and thus definitely too late for the Russo-Japanese War.(Although I doubt the last few on the list saw much, if any, action during the RJW.)

I've asked Simon to use the 39th and the 40th regiment as the role models when painting the Japanese standard bearers. These two regiments formed the 8th Infantry Brigade and were part of the 10th Division (The Iron Division). They saw  action during the Battle of Liaoyang (among others), just like the Russian regiments that we used as role models for our painted example.

The kanjis on the list are, of course, computer fonts. The real ones must have look slightly different, so please feel free to use the list just as a general guide line!

Here's an example where one can just make out the kanjis. It is a photo of the 80th infantry regiment flag: 十八第兵歩

Another example, this time not an actual flag but a commerative sake cup showing the flag of the 4th infantry regiment with the number 第兵歩 just beneath it:

(Photo from ebay-seller saintjohn2011.)

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  1. Good post! That sake cup is interesting- my wife's father, great-uncle and his own father all served in the 2nd Division with the 4th (Sendai) regiment over the years 1902 to 1945, so a family connection.

  2. Thanks for posting Markus very interesting, I have just picked up the War Medal to add to my Militaria collection.
    Have a great 2013