Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

The next greens

Hey everybody,

Back from the holidays (since last week, actually ;-) ) and also back with some new greens from Paul.

This time with standard-bearers and buglers (and a drummer) for both the Russians and Japanese. Please note that each of these sets will also include two standard tops, which are not shown on the photos (I will post photos of these as soon as possible).

Unfortunately there had been an accident with the masters of the HMGs, so these have been switched to the next release. Instead we have a set of charging Russian troopers in this batch due to popular demand.

RJ-J08 Japanese Standard-bearers & Buglers

RJ-R05 Russian Standard-bearers, Bugler and Drummer

 RJ-R04 Russian Troopers charging

All these sets will be priced € 7.50 each and will of course be eligible as part of the 5-set-deal.

Thanks for your view!

7 Kommentare:

  1. Once again, Paul has made a great job on these miniatures.
    I will place an order as soon as the new minis will be available.


  2. Awesome figures!


  3. My word these are outstanding, any plans for a few Japanese troops in 1886 uniforms (for reserves and whatnot)

  4. Thanks for the comments! Really appreciated! :-)

    @ Headologist: Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no such plans. :-/ There's still so much left to be done for the Japanese wearing the M1904 uniform: HMGs, Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers, higher command, etc. ... not to mention a couple of little oddities.

  5. No worries, looking forward to those immenseley, may just convert a few for early stuff :)