Dienstag, 10. April 2012

The first Russian greens

As every army needs an opponent, here are the preview photos of the first two Russian sets:

RJ-R02 Russian Troopers advancing I

 RJ-R03 Russian Troopers firing/loading I

As you can see, these are rather well equiped soldiers. In contrast to the Japanese the Russians used to have their bayonets fixed permanently to the rifles, therefore they also didn't carry scabbards.

Although I've been struggling at first to do the Russians at all, I'm very pleased with how these have turned out and my compliments to Paul for his great work! (I hope this doesn't sound snotty. ;-))

As to the question what will be next, well, if everything goes as planned we'll see a HMG with crew for both the Japanese and the Russians and also a command set to go along the Russian troopers later this year. (Maybe even more variants of the Russian troopers, but that's not definite, yet.) 


  1. O my do they look wonderful! I really can't wait until my project load reduces so I can start on this!


  2. Very fantastic figures and wonderful sculpting. I think that I need project some units for this period but which set of rules can I use???
    Thanks for help and compliments !!!!!


    1. Ray uses "They Died for Glory" with amendments:

      But in 15mm...

  3. Wonderful looking miniatures. Thank you for sharing this great news.



  4. You can use Operation Squad, Iron Ivan and Two Fat Lardies various core rules with some tweeking. Back of beyond would also work in with this.
    Check out LAF forum http://www.lead-adventure.de/ and go to Back of Beyond portion of the forum and I'm sure you'll get some feedback.


  5. Beautiful to say the least, will be ordering some pronto ;o)