Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Japanese Medical Orderly

In some fora the question arose, if the Japanese medics really wore the Red Cross armband in action. There are quite some photos showing them with the armband during different stages of the war and also wearing different types of uniforms.

Of course, it would be pretty hard to recognize a medic on an old photo without it as long as he's not performing his duty (i.e. attending a wounded or something similar). On the other hand, one could always argue that an individual doing so could also just be a regular soldier giving first aid to a comrad or a POW.

In the end I'd say it's up to you, if you paint your miniature like Simon did with our showcase miniature or if you just file the armband down a little bid  or use a small amount of green stuff or miliput to cover it up (you could also just leave it as it is and paint it in the same colour as his jacket).
However, it would certainly help to make the medic stand out from the rest of the khaki-clad soldiers.    

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